Sunday, July 25, 2004

i was thinking about it today....
there r som who fight against it...ther r others who fight for it...
whos right????

its always difficult to accept a change...u need guts to accept a change...
its always difficult to bring a change...u need dynamism to bring a change...
a coin has two sides...
how come the 2 sides of this coin seem to b the same?

how come a mind as lil as this gets flooded with questions...more so rhetorics.

how come a thot...a single thot....a single concept makes me smile...and the same thot from another view point scares me...


what is cool about jugnoos is that they leave a shimmer behind. they leave an indelible image behind.
jugnoo gayab to hote hai....
but they change the darkest of surroundings into dreamiest of ambiences........
thats jugnoos.......


well....and thats a part of me.




Tuesday, July 20, 2004

the bus driver....
monthly pass.
+ 50 cents per ride for zone 2.
i entered the bus today .... 2 hours later than the shuttle that i usually everyday i smiled at the bus driver and said goodmorning and went and sat ... met tina in the bus...talked to her all thru the journey. when the school stop came it took me few minutes to get the pass out...everyone got out by then...tina got out b4 me....he spoke to her sweetly...but in a language we did not know...then i went, swiped my pass and fumbled for 50 cents...he smiled....and said..." u dont have to pay. u are a very beautiful indian woman"

Monday, July 05, 2004

i am.

i hold an opinion.
i have a point of view.
i see what u cant.
i feel what u can.

i see my reflection in the mirror.
i see a stranger.
i see a wanderer.
i see eyes revealing fimiliar depths.

humble honest unfeigned
attitude amplified
vanity personified

i am...
worth every breath i take...


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