Monday, August 23, 2004

the perfect got-out-of-the-rong-side-of-the-bed(sleeping bag i mean.)-day.

21st sept brenda's dinner,18 august brendas house warming,15 sept abstract, 21st meetin,(sept?oct?), 28th sept presentation, 1 starting date, 7th labor day weekend, 23rd sept last day to post grades, start a new project talk mid july...(damn its august end now!!!), move out sept 1st week, travel august last week, research last week, credit card bill 28th august, fone bill, rent, month end..panki's b'day 23rd august...hah!!!thats today....thank god...bhai's bday..23rd august..aaaaaaaaa thats a day late....
all right ...wait a minute...
if today is gettin over so fast and i did not do all this when will i do it?and what did i do yesterday??and whatever happened of today?wher did it go?

start a day with gettin up late..on a normal day i'd hav cot up with schedule but today was different so i got up an dhave to leave in 20mins and guess what...restroom aint free....great!!!!yahoo......gals!!!!!half an hr at least...and then get to school, and feel drowsy all day...manday mornin blues that hang over..for not only the mornin but the whole day...and the day finishes in a jiffy and work moves slower than a snail....and the end of the day i have thenga in my!!!!and a whole big list of pendings to do for "tomorrow"...and god alone knows when that tomorrow will come when i'l have a list of things to do and not a list of pending things to do...
and then spend half ur life in waiting...
wait for the bus
wait for the letter
wait for time
wait for food to get cooked
wait for repairs to happen
wait for the others to do their part
wait for the fone calls
wait till u have enuff money
wait in the line
wait at a delayed scheduled appointment
and of course ... make others wait....hahahha y shud i suffer alone?

exasperating times....enervating times....flying times...overwhelming times...forgetful times...all the time....unfortunate times.... weird times...awkward times...embaressing times...busy times...tiring times...slow times...

Monday, August 16, 2004

meri ma kehti hai....
"marry somone who loves u...not somone u love"


Saturday, August 14, 2004

long time....
is it time or is it a flash of lightenin?

what do u do when u have a bunch of absolutely nutty and crazy gals with u?
we went for a movie last nite...and after the movie the gals wanted to do somthin "wild":)
as it turned out...we landed up doin nuthin outrageous..jus went a place and had fries and desert and then bac home..and of course the ground-state-guyz were amazed at how gals at excited enery level can be...
so there we were taklin about this thing yesterday..
"it mite happen often that we (we as in gals) mite let loose and go wild often with u ppl(the guyz)...but its very rare that such a thing happens that the guyz are goin mad...and the gals r like...'god! whats wrong with these ppl'(unless of course if the guyz r drunk)..."
so the guys said "yup...we doubt it will ever happen that way..."

we r all a bunch of pals....pretty close knit... it that guyz when with gals like to show that they r in control...that they r responsible..that they r around and sober....that basically they will keep their hearts tied and shackled and wont do what they actually feel like doin jus coz they hav gals with them?
i mean y cant u hav a bunch of crazy gals and guyz as against a bunch of crazy gals with sober guyz or rarely a bunch of crazy guys with sober gals?


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