Sunday, October 17, 2004


i need 324 square cm of space to stand on the earth. i carried out an experiment rite now...a few minutes backactually. i traced the border of my feet on to a graph paper and counted the squares...of course there will b some tolerance considering the footware that i wear....but still.
(one thing i realised from the expt. is that i have pretty and dainty feet...and that i am very very patient....and that i can draw pretty well....and that i am rather inovating in finding simpler means of solving a given problem...welll.whatevah...besides the point- all this.)
so the point was..."space"
ok fine ...integrating the closed surface area of me over the volume that i occupy using stokes thoerem..or divergence ...or whichever it is....(i just gave a midterm on a math class. how i hope i get an "a" grade on it....i hope i hope i hope...ufff...runnin behind grades!!!!!...brrrrrrrrrrrr.....again i digress....)...yeah so that much space and that much volume.

and then we need more keep our shoes...and to put the carpet...and the cupboards...and the food...and the fridge and the clothes...and the books..and the furniture...and the lamps and the couch and the jewelry and the money...and the glassware and crockery and the car and the motorbike and the vacuum and the fone and the school/work bag and the flowerpots and the dogs and the cats and the showpieces and the paintings and the other worldy belongings...

and then we need more space...the web space....100MB...1000MB...blah!
and so we look for more space...we try and find more place ...we look to where we belong.

so where do i belong?
cot ya...:)i know u r thinking the same thing for urself!!!!!hahahhaha

we r all the same...and yet so different.
if only life wud unfold a lil earliar than it does....we'd know!...what a vicious circle.....
and they say life's simple???!!!!!!

so heres my quest. of finding space.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

EAS: Ethanol Absortion Study

working on an internship is doing good to me. I get to learn new things every day...and the best part is i get paid for it...handsomely :)....finally "independent"...well almost...anywayz...besides the topic.....

the topic here is ethanol absortion study.
the 1st time i heard the term at xerox, i thot it was som kind of a maintainance activity that took place every month/3 months...i did not know what it was just a thot. i interpreted it as some kind of a regular measurement to note amount of ethanol vapor or whatevah ...somthin to do with health and safety and blah.. blah.. blah...

so curious as i was....and they are very encouraging as far as questions are concerned...i asked ..."so what is EAS?" it turned out....well it was quite a maintainance activity..
most ppl of my office get together now and then...leave the company early and hit the bar to chat and exchange each others lives over a few beers.....hahahhahaha....
that was funny.

they have an EAS session today...and i am on the list of those who wud b potential goers...
(ah!!!!!! y do i not like beer???or y cant they have tequila instead???) i am a lil confused as to what i shud do....
i jus finished a midterm and so have not been too much at home and have a pile of "household (boring and important) things to finish up...the usual laundry stuff and all that shit...
havent cot up on a long sleep for a while..wanted to grab like 12-13 hrs at a stretch once that i can get back to the 4-5-hrs-sleep-a-night-week again. :)
so i was hoping to get home early today and finish up all the stuff today that i get time to party over the weekend.
and so we have the "EAS" today and if i go i wud not b able to do all that an dalso i do not like beer
but if i go i get to hang out with a bunch of ppl i do not really know...get to know them...see what their lives are.(i am the only desi in the bunch) i am confused what to do...

not yet what i started out for...
but at least a change.
feels nice.

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