Monday, November 29, 2004

to each his own......

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

the difference:

i rote ... i tried to rite... everyday in a lil diary when iwas lil...not so lil probably ..a few yrs back may b...
now when i read back i gather each moment ritten there like it happened yesterday.
then i started to rite selective thots in jugnoo...not so much about what happened that made me feel what i felt but only what i felt......i when i read back ... i can relate to each blog up here...but there is a lot missed out.ther is a lot that seems to be floating like shiny shimmery soap bubbles that came from nowhere flying aimlessly with the wind.... very much there but not so palpable

when i rote ... i knew what the imaginary pic corresponding to each thot wud look like..
when i rite ... i can put up the image in my mind...

when i rote ... i was more eloquet...more elborate...
when i rite ... i am more abstract... sort of dreamy eyed...with a faraway look..withoutfocus on any particular point...more euphematic

when i rote ... i hid it all....i still do
when i rite ... its no more hidden

when i rote ... i stuck flowers, leaves, snake skins, peacock feathers, chocolate wrappers,photos in the books
when i rite ... i dont

when i rote ... it was my own handriting
when i rite ... i type.

i think i shud still do both. to keep in touch with the lil me..the inner me..the honest and blatant me...and the polite me..and the smily me..and the ..... .. ... ...... whatevah.

Monday, November 15, 2004

how do u find a corner in the sky?

Friday, November 12, 2004

i read this thing one place.....and thot it was pretty cool a thot...
"if u think ur idea is real good...then dont worry about someone stealing it....u'd probably have to push it down ppls' throats to make them accept it."

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Here r a few facts of life:

Freedom is a frame of reference
Convenience is a mantra to happy living
Ignorance is bliss

Life of pi-yann martel, animal farm-george orwell and my family and its other animals-gerald durell are amazing books. They are probably the best books of all the mills and boons, nancy drews, famous fives, secret sevens, political/medical/sci-fi/imagination novels, other novels or newspapers (of which I dont read much but I wish I did...well....i think I shud I shud....hmmm) that I have ever read. And all three are animal books...telling subtly that animals are wonderful forms of life.

Referring to other's homeworks and doing your homework is the best form of learning. (Some arrogant-adament-foolish-not-ready-to-learn-dumbos would refer to this as 'copying')

Being a gal helps.
Being an appealing gal helps even more...
Having a cheerful smile and a charming personality helps even even more.
Shobha de is a babe.

Being a gal doesn't help at other times.

U go to a party without ur cousin/friend/sister and everyone will ask u where is he/she.
The funny part is that if they go without u, everyone will ask them where u r...
Whats ther doesn't matter as much as whats not
The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence...
But still its always wise to know that grapes beyond our reach were too sour to take the truble to get them anywayz.!!!!

Good/effective/appealing/catchy communication/talking/conversational skills are more important than actual profound knowledge. (of course not many would accept such a blatantly bold statement.)

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