Tuesday, January 10, 2006

milo and pongo 

so i decided to rite about milo and pongo.
2 (ADORABLE) golden retrievers that lived down the lane near my old house....
this evening i stumbled over their thought for a while...and as i thot of milo and...molly.....peggy...no (jezz!!! i forgot the name!!!) ... ppp .... meg .... mm ..... nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
it took me a lil effort, a long guilty evening, crossing and recrossing their names in my mind and one fone call to finally get to milo and pongo. this was 6 years back....
(right now im jus happy i got pongo back in my brain!)
so there is a lil story about them and me that i am really fond of....
one early mornin my dad sent me out on a quick (urgent) errand to a near by store....on the way back...it happened to be milo and pongo's time out....and i started playin with them. didnt realise i fooled around with 2 dogs rite outside my house wen i was supposed to be runnin an errand...
wen i went home dad asked me how come it took me so long.....i said 'oh i jus bumped into milo and pongo'. he had this look on his face..."you bumped into who?????????????"
they were adorable...Milo and Pongo.

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