Thursday, November 15, 2007


The road travels in a bullock cart back home are better than the plane landings here!


I was upset. I tried to suppress the apparent disappointment, wore a fake smile and with a mind still lost in the frown, started walking to my computer. And while doing so, almost bumped into him. He looked straight into my eyes. Guess he knows how to read eyes. I involuntarily rolled my eyes, looked down and continued to walk. And he turned to follow me. When I got to my computer, I turned back to look. Only to find his eyes still peering straight into my eyes...piercing almost....barely inches away. Then he suddenly gave a sympathetic warm smile like he knew exactly what went wrong, and turned to go. I felt his fingers brush lightly against mine as he turned. And then he was gone.
I remember the 1st time I felt this way...I'm a little older to pass as a teenager now. But they've continued as Tweenage crushes...
Such is the sweet pain...sweet while it grows.....painfully lingering....still growing and painful....yet sweet.
Ah! Crushes!

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